Protecting Your Security

Protecting Your Security


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The State Association is governed by a Board of Directors. Directors are elected annually from the individual chapters. Chapters with a membership of over 600 members for the previous membership year will be entitled to an additional director position. The immediate past president of the Association will also serve as a member of the Board of Directors.

Feel free to email Executive Director Karen DeDonato if you have any questions about the Association.

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Marilyn Frank

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Charlie Stefanini

The Retired Educators Association of Massachusetts (REAM) is an organization whose specific purpose is that of supporting retired Massachusetts educators of the Massachusetts Teacher’s Retirement System.

In today’s world it is ever so important that we band together to navigate the obstacles that often come our way as we strive to protect the purchasing power of our pension, keep our health insurance costs from eroding, continue to work on increasing our COLA base and of course join with other retired municipal employee groups to bring reform to the social security laws that effect so many of us. By this I mean reform of the Windfall Elimination Provision/Government Pension Offset (WEP/GPO).

I am beginning my fifth year of having the privilege of being REAM’s President.  Little did I know when I taught for 29 years as an elementary school teacher that I would someday be in the forefront of leading the charge for protecting what all of us have earned.  I always say that voices matter. Collective voices are stronger and are heard on more levels.

Please consider becoming part of our team.  Encourage your friends to join us as well. Help all of us continue to be guardians of your hard earned benefits and spokespersons for issues that directly affect us.  Join a local chapter and enrich your lives with social and educational events.  Come join us and be part of a statewide organization that works to support you.

Marilyn Frank