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WEP/GPO Update

Working to correct a social security injustice – the repeal of the Windfall Elimination Provision/Government Pension Offset provisions.

The issue: public employees in fifteen states, including Massachusetts, are effected by the WEP/GPO by having social security benefits earned by either themselves or their spouse reduced or eliminated because of pension benefits received from a public entity. Under the GPO, individuals lose their entire spousal benefit even through their spouse paid, over many years and in full, their social security taxes. With the WEP, public employees receiving a public pension, can lose up to 60% of earned social security benefits.

The resolution: Pass HR235 and S484, two bills that seek to repeal these unfair practices.

Members are encouraged to call, write or e-mail their US Representative and US Senators. Let them know that as their constituent and a retired public servant in MA, you are unfairly being discriminated against by the WEP/GPO. Ask them to support the repeal of these provisions known as the Social Security Fairness Act. The issue is a matter of fairness.

For more information regarding the issue and the progress being made on the repeal, visit The Coalition to Preserve Retirement Security‘s website. REAM is proud to be a member of the Coalition and working diligently on this very important issue.

REAM continues to work with other grassroot organizations and form partnerships with retired public employee groups and retired educator associations working towards this common mission. More information and timely updates regarding work that is be done across the various states, including a very informative report by the Texas Retired Teachers Association, can be found by visiting Social Security Fairness.